It is the start of a new year and a time that many of us start to think about how we can improve our lives,  our lifestyles and our homes. Either we are considering updating the home so we can make a move to a different home or location in the new year or maybe just making the improvements that we have seen in the homes of friends and family, in magazines, Pinterest or in the new builder communities. This is the year to take the plunge and make some changes to our homes and one easy and reasonably priced way to do this is through the use of paint. That is why many of the major paint companies use the new year to introduce their color or palette of the year.

For 2014, Pantone has introduced their color, Radiant Orchid, as the color of the year. They suggest this color for fashion, for beauty  as well as interiors in the home. Citing this color as “captivating, magical and enigmatic purple,” Pantone suggest using it the home for accent pieces and accessories since it pairs so beautifully with other colors such as neutrals, like taupe and gray, as well as turquoise, teal and light yellow. Pantone had make their color of the year choice for a decade and has influenced many areas of the economy in fashion, the home and even in graphic design.

Benjamin Moore Paint has introduced their neutral palette for the year 2014. Their color of the year is called Breath of Fresh Air and the 23 colors that complement it represent a harmony of color. This color palette tends to contain a lighter touch with “hints or whispers of color.”

Sherwin Williams has also introduced a palette of colors for the home which features, gray, “as the new black”, brighter cultural based colors, and delicate and translucent colors.

Check out the company websites for more information.