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Why Do I Need a General Contractor?

Many customers today think that they can manage a remodeling project on their home without the assistance of a General Contractor. Some can, but I have noticed some flaws in the idea of saving money by not using a GC since I have cleaned up messes from people not using a project manager, and I hear all the horror stories at cocktail parties and family [...]

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Spring Cleanup 2018

It's that time of year when we start to getting ready to let in the fresh air and getting the  winter cobwebs out of our homes. Is Spring Cleaning a chore to you or is it a time that you enjoy sorting out things you don't need any more and making a fresh start for the spring and summer? If you are like me, you [...]

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Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink is one that sits on top of the vanity top or cabinet top rather than the traditional drop in or undermounted sink. These are available to complement any decor and when coupled with a unique faucet, can add that sense of "wow" to any bathroom. There are many positives about installing a vessel sink in a bathroom. For one thing, they are [...]

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Faucets? Small Change, Huge Impact!

  If you are considering making a simple change  to your home in 2018, that has a huge impact and is a way to update your kitchen or bath, consider changing out the faucets. Today there are so many styles and finishes, that really showcase your creativity. The faucets we are replacing today are builder grade faucets and faucets with finishes like brushed nickel, chrome [...]

What’s in a Niche?

Is your bathroom on the list for a remodel this year? Are you struggling with exactly what you want to do and are stymied by all of the details? Let me share with you an idea that will help you out. So many of my clients have outdated tubs and showers and want to replace surfaces, faucets and shower glass. When you look at your [...]

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Farm House Sinks-Pros and Cons

The Farmhouse sink or apron front sink, as it is also called, is being shown everywhere and with all types of decorating styles. Featured in metals, clay, porcelain, stone and in so many colors, the availablity of sizes and shapes is also so varied, that you can use a farmhouse sink in any kitchen. The pros  of this style of sink: Gives the kitchen a [...]

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How to Clean your Hardwood Floors?

  Hardwood floors add a beautiful touch to any home and the longevity of this investment can be prolonged when you care for the floors properly. Im not promoting any particular product, but wanted to provide some tips based on my experience with my own home. I have animals, live in the country, so my floors are constantly in need of cleaning, sweeping and touch [...]

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Cabinet Remodeling? Calling all Options!

Are you remodeling your kitchen in 2018? Do you need some ideas on cabinetry and options that will really make your new kitchen space more orgnaized and more functional. The size and color of the cabinets is important but consider adding some features to your kitchen based on how you cook, entertain and store your kitchen implements. Take some time to see how you work [...]

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Trees For a Change

  If you are thinking about giving a unique gift for that special person who is committed to the environment or you love the idea of planting trees for a friend or family member, consider giving  Trees for a Change. This charitable group provides tree gifts to reforest the National Forests, via email or snail mail. I use this company to send Thank you gifts [...]

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Repurposing or What?

  Have you ever seen a neighbor or friend who is remodeling their home and a change out of doors is included? Maybe, you have done the same thing? Does it kill you to see when the old doors end up on the curb for the trash guys to dispose of? I hate seeing the waste and although I completely understand the concept "out with [...]

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