If you have an hour or so to devote to de-cluttering, it will make you feel so great!

If you can concentrate on the closets, pantry and fridge, bathroom, cleaning cabinet and kitchen, you can make a really great dent in clearing out your clutter.

Go to each clothes closet and take a large plastic bag with you. If you have not worn something in 6 months, put it in the bag to donate. The only exception is things that are out of season!  Keep in mind that if you add one item, you need to donate an item. That is the way to get and keep a clutterless closet!

Check out the dates for any expired items in both the pantry and your fridge. Throw these out! Combine any like items.

In the bathroom, get rid of any expired or dated items, like make-up, toothpaste and toothbrushes. (these should be changed every 2-3 months anyway)

Assemble your cleaning supplies in a carry all or bin  and make sure all is labeled properly,

In the kitchen, you can always find things to donate. Use that black plastic bag and if you have multiple utensils, scoops, measuring cups, etc., these can be donated and free up space. Some plastic containers and lids can even be recycled!

If you think about it,  you can stay ahead of any major cleaning that you sometimes need to do. Just take about an hour and do this process once a month!