I love the look and low maintenance of tile floors, but sometimes they can get cold when walking around barefoot. That is why my cats and dogs love sleeping on them in the summer; they stay cool. Have you ever considered how nice it would be to heat them up in the colder months? Kind of like switching a heater on for heated seats in your car? It can be done with radiant floor mats that are installed underneath the tile.

These radiant mats come custom made for your particular space and come with a thermostat that you can control much like the one for your heating and air conditioning, even with a setback feature to save you money on the energy costs!

If you want to install these mats, make sure that an electrician understands and knows how to wire for the thermostat and where the best location is for  your thermostat. Then once the old tile is up, the radiant mats are down, you can install your new tile selection and have the beauty and low maintenance of tile, but they will be warm when you want them to.

My cats and dogs love these in the winter months, too!