If you are thinking of changing your kitchen in a really bold way, do it with your countertops! This can be a very dramatic change that you make in your kitchen that will have a ton of “bang for your buck”. There are so many materials, old and new, that are available today and depending on your desire for maintenance, cooking, clean up and cost, there are several materials for you to choose from.

The most well recognized is that old stand-by, laminate. This material has been called Formica in the past and is a plastic coated synthetic with an easy to clean, smooth surface. Laminates are available in many colors, are easy to clean, durable and inexpensive. Watch our for scratches and chips and the seams do show.

Granite has been a selection seen a lot in the last few years. It is elegant and is becoming more affordable. Stone holds up well to heat and comes in thousands of colors and color variations. It lasts a lifetime and with the new sealers, is virtually maintenance free. Take care of not sealing it as it can absorb stains. It can crack is stressed or not installed properly.

Engineered Stone is created from 93% quartz particles and is available in a larger range of colors than granite. The nonporous surface resists scratches and is easy to maintain. It can be expensive.
Solid surface countertops are also known by the name of Corian and others. This surface is found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is seamless and stain resistant and most scratches can be sanded out. Be careful with hot pans and this can be moderately expensive.

Look at stainless, marble, soapstone and concrete:
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