There has been so much press in the last months about conserving and preserving energy so that our planet’s precious resources are protected. This can be done with the cars we drive, the recycling and repurposing of  items that we use and also in our homes. Here are a few ideas for you to consider if you are either building a new home or remodeling and adding new updates to an existing home:

Energy efficiency, as set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is done so with the Energystar certification. There are stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA and independent verification of new homes being built assist homebuyers with saving money on utility bills, providing more comfortable indoor air quality and a better living environment.

These Energystar features include walls, windows, insulation, efficient air ducts, more efficient heating and air conditioning equipment, as well as efficient lighting and appliances.

If you are building a new home, many of these features are required as part of local municipality building codes, but ask the questions about how the systems will work in your new home and how they can save money and energy.

If you are remodeling and want to make your current home more energy efficient, you can do this by replacing outdated and inefficient windows and doors, adding insulation to the attic, purchasing Energystar rated appliances and installing caulk and weatherstripping to existing windows and doors. Why not consider replacing your light bulbs with the new and more energy efficient ones that are on the shelves of the big box stores?

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