Here are a few more ideas for a healthier home environment-look inside to see how these will work!

In the kitchen, toss out cracked and old cutting boards. Germs hide in these. Choose new ones that can be washed with warm soap and water after each use. Change your fridge water filters regularly before the sediment builds up inside. Get rid of the plastic storage containers that are made with BPA, which is a suspected hazard for our heath. Look on the bottom for the numbers 3, 6 or 7 and if your have them, toss them out and opt for different containers. Use filtered drinking water with either a pitcher or a fridge filter. You can request a copy of the water quality from your city to see for yourself, the safety of your family’s drinking water. Use the fan/vent on your cooktop when you cook to reduce carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.  Wash your hands before putting away clean dishes and let them air dry to inhibit bacteria growth.

In your living areas, sanitize the hand-held devices, like the remote, computer keyboards and cell phones. All of these can harbor bacteria. Get a chimney sweep to maintain your fireplace and chimney.  Select logs for the fireplace made of coffee grounds or wood fiber rather than real wood, to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and other particulates. Select  a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Open a window or two  in your home occasionally to rid the house of indoor pollutants. Ban smoking in your home. Some plants help to neutralize the chemicals that are found in both furniture and paint; find out which ones and add a couple to your home. Place an air purifier in a room to reduce the allergens and help to control dust.

These are a few simple remedies to make your home environment a healthier one.