If you are busy like I am, I struggle finding the time I need to create a welcoming and festive front porch with all the colors and accents of the holiday season. No more struggling is needed with a few simple fixes for the spot around your front door. Wrapped, festively adorned packages stacked together are easy to do and will set the stage for the festivities inside. Just buy a couple of small evergreen trees and place them in baskets, buckets or planters, one on each side of the door. Add twinkly lights and a holiday doormat, and you are set. Even taking old glass tree decorations and adding them to large lanterms or the wooden ladder, gives a creative look to the front porch. If you have an iron bucket, add logs, greenery and pinecones with twinkly lights, for a warm entrance into your home.


Get creative, use items you already have, found items or the beauty of nature to your front porch!


Happy Holiday!