Now is the time of year when we pull our boxes of decorations out of the attic and we begin the exciting job of making our homes look festive for the upcoming holidays. Keep these tips in mind so that you can have a safe holiday season:


1. Never use lighted candles near any potentially flammable object.

2. If you decorate with spun glass angel hair, use gloves so as not to irritate your eyes and hands. Some folks prefer non-flammable cotton.

3.Make sure little children and your pets do not eat some of the dangerous plants and berries of the season.

4.Keep a natural Christmas tree well-watered.

5. Us no more than 3 sets of lights connected to any one extension cord while decorating your tree.

6. Use only lights marked “indoor lights” for inside your home and those marked “outdoor lights” outside.

7. For food preparation, never thaw food at room temperature. Thaw in a refrigerator or in cold water or in the microwave.

8. Sharpen your knives before use. More injuries happen with a dull knife.

9. Use a clean food thermometer to make sure the foods are cooked to the correct temperature.

10. Refrigerate leftovers no more than 2 hours after cooking. Put dates on the containers.

11.When you reheat a leftover, make sure the temperature is at least 165F degrees to avoid bacteria growth.

12. In your car, for cold weather, make sure it is serviced properly for your brakes, spark plugs, batteries and tires.

13. Have an emergency/survival kit  in your car that contains a flashlight, ice scraper, etc.

14. When you are taking down or putting up the decorations, make sure to use a proper step ladder. Keep your hips between the rungs of the ladder and do not lean or reach over too far. Move the ladder closer to the work.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!