Whenever we approach a new season, there are always projects and chores to do around the house! Since the weather is starting to cool off, it is a perfect time to do outdoor home improvement chores! Consider the following to get a jump on household tasks before the weather gets cold:


1. Get in the yard and rake leaves and aerate the lawn. Fertilize the grass and shrubs/trees.

2. Have a professional check out the condition of your sprinkler system and exterior hose bibs, to ensure that they do not leak.

3. Powerwash the exterior of the home to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and make the outside look much nicer.

4. Use touch up paint on the outside of your home. If needed, hire a painter to apply paint on the siding and trim.

5. Check out the shingles on the roof to repair any potential leak locations.

6. Inspect the gutters at your home and clean out so that the water flows properly.  If you do not have them already, install mesh grates to help with typical blockages.

7. Hire a professional to checkout your windows for broken seals, panes, etc. Glass replacement with more efficient glass, will help with energy savings.

8. Take a look at the weatherstripping on windows and doors. You may be losing energy in these locations, so replace the weatherstripping as needed. It is also a great time to check out the insulation in the attic. You should have a depth of 10-14 inches for best results. Call a pro to assist with that!

9.  Hire someone to repair any cracks that you find in the sidewalks and driveway; safety here! These cracks can open up more with the cold and wet weather on the way.

Welcome Fall 2014!