If you are considering adding some color to your home, keep these suggestions in mind. You do not have to go extreme just to move away from the neutrals that you have been using. Good-bye to some of the beiges, browns and grays!

If you want to add a little touch of color, consider investing in one colorful, exciting piece of furniture. A blue couch, lime-green headboard or a bright red dining room table, can be a great way to start off with some color.

You can also do small changes to your accessories, by swapping out neutral colored lamp shades for some that have pattern or colors that you like. Add colorful trays, pillows to the couch, canisters, dishware, towels throughout the home for a touch of sunny color.

Add some pieces that are shiny in the home like a lacquered table, glossy vinyl chairs or ceramic lamps. Paint the frames on mirrors in bright new colors to add a pop to a room. If you like throws and rugs, they are also a great and inexpensive way to add new color to the home. Swap out the old ones with some news ones that have vibrant color hues.

If you decide you want to include touches of brighter paint color, you can add an accent wall in a color that you like. Paint the ceiling, paint the frames around your windows, paint your floors or add some colored stripes to a beadboard surround/wainscotting in a kitchen or breakfast area.

Think about these color combinations: Khaki and Moss green; Grey and pumpkin; pale pink and fuchsia; yellow and teal green; cherry red and sky blue.

Take a look at this terrific site-full of colorful ideas from color experts!