If you are considering buying new carpeting for your house and have not done so in a number of years, keep a few ideas in mind. Generally, people buy carpeting for their homes because the material is soft and warm, helps insulate from noise and is affordable. But, if you have family members with allergies, you might want to keep in mind that carpeting holds, dirt, dust and the mites that come along with the dust. If you have animals, carpeting will also hang onto those pet smells like urine. You probably know that the typical life expectancy of carpeting is around 10 years with average use, so you will need to re-carpet when it starts looking worn in even just a couple of rooms.

Keep in mind that if you have a 2 story house and the stairs are carpeted, that the steps take a lot of wear and tear so consider buying a thicker carpet like a woven wool since they are quite durable for these areas. Do not buy a looped carpet for stairs since they can snag and the loops can open up.

If you are thinking of new carpeting, consider buying one with Low VOC’s-volatile organic chemicals. This will help you keep your family more protected in the home environment when you install a carpeting made from natural products with fewer fumes and chemical free dyes.

Do not skimp on the carpet pad since a good carpet pad helps support the carpeting lying on top of it and provides strength and cushioning. A good quality pad will prevent the backing of the carpeting from coming apart over time.

Think about how you live in your home before selecting a carpeting since there are many styles to consider. A plush carpeting shows footprints and is best in low traffic parts of the home. Berber is a tough carpeting that is great for kid and pet areas since it does not show tracks and is very sturdy.  If you have high traffic areas, you might also think about installing a textured carpeting since it does not show tracks and reflects the light. High pile carpets like friezes are great for hiding footprints and dirt and are a bit less formal than a plush.

It is also important to select a good quality carpet provider and installer.

Consider these things when shopping for and selecting a new carpet for your home.