Have you even noticed that some of the easiest changes to make are the most difficult? Well, here are a few that will help you save money and energy, protecting your pocketbook and the environment.

If you remember to disconnect your cellphone and other electronics once they are fully charged, you will save energy. If you change your incandescent light bulbs to either CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) or LED’s (light-emitting diode), you will save money on energy usage. The new LED bulbs are longer lasting, use less energy, though more costly at the onset. They are warmer in color and do not contain mercury which is bad for the environment. If you are looking to replace your windows, go for a new window that has a lower U-factor and for insulation in the attic, go for a higher R-value. Check out your damper on the fireplace to make sure that no air is escaping from your chimney. Look at the brightness on your TV-when they are shipped, they are set at a “retail mode” and if you go into the menu on the TV, you can look for “home mode” which allows you to tune down the brightness. This will save you some money! Using ceiling fans in the summer and winter when set in the proper direction, can help you with energy usage by as much as 10%. Limiting use of the bathroom and kitchen vent fans in both summer and winter will keep more of the conditioned air inside your home, since these vents blow the cooled or heated air outside.

Some local municipalities offer incentives to upgrade your home with insulation, windows and other energy saving changes. Check this out and see if your community offers these!

Does anyone else have some ideas on easy ways to save energy and money?