If you are a gadget person and love the improved technology and convenience in your life with the introduction of new and improved products for the home, you might just love the “Lyric” thermostat by Honeywell.

This new thermostat not only has a cool and improved “look” for the home, but can help to save you money on energy costs, automatically adjusts to your specific activities during each day and works with your smartphone.Lyric utilizes what is known as “geo-fencing” technology to regulate the home environment based on where your smart phone is located-it is just like GPS, but tells the thermostat where you are so the thermostat knows to get ready for your arrival or departure. Thus, setting the temperature for you!

The Lyric also has touchscreen technology and a motion sensor to illuminate as you approach.

Check out Lyric: http://http//lyric.honeywell.com/thermostat/features/