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You do not have to spend a ton of your remodeling investment dollars to include some "green" features to your home. In doing these options, you not only protect the environment but you can save money on the energy required to operate your home. Going green is a way to create a sustainable and healthy home for the residents and save precious energy dollars. Both are [...]

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A new water heater is something that home owners find themselves replacing after about 10-15 years, from newly installed, with the average age being 10.7 years. The US Department of Energy suggests that homeowners begin to research new water heaters at about the 7th birthday of their current unit, just so they are prepared in case the water heater fails. This one house component accounts for [...]

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1. Your fridge use accounts for 20% of a home's energy use each year, so adjust the thermostat to 37 degrees in the refrigerator and 3 degrees in the freezer. If you have an energy saver, make sure it is on and look at the gasket around the door to make sure it is sealing properly. 2.When you use your washing machine, opt for either warm [...]

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Every year, just like in the garment industry, we are introduced to the new "fashion" and design ideas for the home.These include trends, hot new items and lifestyle changes for the home that lead to a variety of new features being marketed for the home. This year, the most important look for the home is call Transitional, which is a blend of contemporary and traditional. [...]

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