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Many homeowners today are electing to install hardwood floors in their homes, including the kitchen! How do you know what to choose, solid wood or engineered wood? You need to consider your family lifestyle and budget when making a sound decision on wood flooring, no matter which room you choose to install it.The reasons for wood floor are many; wood floors are warm, sophisticated, have dimension, [...]

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Upcycling! Another buzz word that you are hearing about on the internet. What is it? Upcycling is a process of turning old or discarded items into something that is useable. It is a wonderfully "green" idea because you do not throw things into the landfills; you find uses for things by finding a better purpose for using them. It is also "thrifty" and a way [...]

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With growing populations and ongoing drought  conditions in many areas of our country, our water resources are operating under a strain.  When we preserve and protect the nation’s water supply, we show our concern for the economy, our environment and human health. One way to help reduce water waste in our homes is to install a high efficiency toilet. Toilets are the single largest user [...]

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There are currently 3 programs across the nation that offer a third party certification for energy efficiency. Included in this threesome are: Energy Star rated homes are considered 20-30% more energy efficient than a traditionally built home. There are energy saving features that are required which include more effective insulation, tighter construction practices , higher performing windows and more efficient heating and air conditioning. In [...]

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f you are interested in updating your home in a fiscally responsible way and still want to "go green" by using environmentally friendly products, there are some changes that you can afford to do for your home. These updates will add lifestyle value to your home by reducing the energy costs of running a home in addition to creating a healthier environment for your family [...]

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