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The concept of outdoor rooms for outdoor living and maximizing outdoor spaces such as gardens and patios has really taken off in recent years. The reasons can range from shrinking square footage in modern housing to improved products for outdoor living, but we can all agree that the extra space provides added flexibility. Before you begin furnishing an outdoor room you have to decide how [...]

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Every year, just like in the garment industry, we are introduced to the new "fashion" and design ideas for the home.These include trends, hot new items and lifestyle changes for the home that lead to a variety of new features being marketed for the home. This year, the most important look for the home is call Transitional, which is a blend of contemporary and traditional. [...]

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Have you considered remodeling your home but do not want to spend money that you cannot recoup when you sell? Do you worry that any changes you make might not be a sound investment for you so you opt not to do anything at all? There are some replacement projects that make good financial sense for the home, make your home look good immediately, help your [...]

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Apparently, the US market conditions have improved enough that homebuilders and remodelers now want to understand better what has changed on the consumer wish list from before the recession started. Since most of us are now more cautious and practical than we were before, what are the options that homeowners and homebuyers want included in a new home or when they remodel? Anything related to [...]

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