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Well, it is summer in Texas and hot as hot can be! With the heat and no rain to speak of, the lawns, landscaping and gardens are really suffering. If you want to keep them watered and also care about protecting our precious water supply, here are a few helpful hints: For your lawn itself, water in the late evening or early morning hours to [...]

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A new water heater is something that home owners find themselves replacing after about 10-15 years, from newly installed, with the average age being 10.7 years. The US Department of Energy suggests that homeowners begin to research new water heaters at about the 7th birthday of their current unit, just so they are prepared in case the water heater fails. This one house component accounts for [...]

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Since the summers seem to grow hotter and dryer every year, our precious water resources are being challenged. There are many easy ways for each of us to protect our environment better so that we can save both water and money. Inside the home, consider saving up to 20% per day when you install water-efficient fixtures and making sure that all leaks are repaired.  To [...]

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