Granite countertops are both beautiful to look at and durable with little or no maintenance required. If you follow these basic steps for cleaning and stain removal, it will look great and perform as you expect for years to come:

If you make the maintenance of your countertops a daily activity, you will save yourself time and energy in the long run. Clean the countertops with warm water and dishwashing liquid , and then rinse. Dry with a soft cloth. If there are spills, simply blot up and follow the same cleaning procedure. If you wipe instead of blot, you can spread the spill and potential stain, so do not wipe a stain. If your tops are sealed properly, most stains will be repelled, if they are cleaned up quickly. If you notice a stain that has been neglected and it will not come up easily, you may need to use a heavy duty stone degreaser and cleaner.

Just a few hints for prolonging the life of your granite countertops

1. Never stand on your countertops.

2. Use trivets underneath any object that might scratch the surfaces and do not cut directly on the granite.

3. Keep your granite clean.

4. Avoid leaving hot pots on top of the granite, since changes in temperature may harm the stone.