It’s always fun to start the New Year and look forward to the most current trends, colors and designs for the home. 2016 is no different and several trends for the New Year are already surfacing!

1. Consumers are loving the outdoors in all areas of the home, so bring the outdoors inside! Consider multi purpose furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Decorate your space with greenery.

2. Search locally for the next trend; anything woven is in! Look to mix and match mass produced goods with hand woven or vintage materials such as rugs, wall hangings and anyting textile.

3. Natural minerals like quartz are hot! Find quartz bowls and other display pieces, cabinet pulls and the like.

4.Geometry is not just math any more! Look for backsplash tiles to be installed in geometric patterns with a more fluid movement.

5. Mix and match metals in the home. This means that many finishes can work together; even add some retro bling!

6. If you thought recycling was going away, think again. Sustainability is the name of the trend. Repurpose, reuse, reinvent; all ways to recycle and protect the environment by lessening waste. It continues with a passion into 2016.

Consider these trends for the New Year!