If you have been thinking of repainting your home and have been shopping at the local paint stores,  you have probably heard or seen the phrase, VOC’s or volatile organic compounds, right? Have you been wondering what this is and how it might be important for you and your family?

Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that are used in the manufacture of many products used in the home: for cleaning, for personal care, for furnishings and in building materials. When emitted into the home environment, these chemicals have been shown to have both long and short term adverse health effects, according to the EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)

What can you do to protect yourself and those you love?

If you need to use a product that emits VOC’s, do so in well ventilated areas. Replace commercially produced home cleaning products with homemade ones. There are numerous sites online with “recipes” for doing so. Use products according to the packaging instructions and discard any unused product once your work is finished. Select products that are certified low emitting products and and if you see a “low VOC”, label, check it out for authenticity.