Especially in Texas, we are ready for fall and some cooler weather. Just because the kids are back in school, football has returned and the days will be getting shorter, does not mean the household chores have disappeared though! Our fall weather does not usually start until well after October and sometimes lasts through the Christmas holidays. It is time, however, to make sure your home is ready for whatever weather Mother Nature delivers. Take a look at some of the ideas to prep your home for the changes in the seasons:

Take a look at your fire and CO detectors inside and make sure to test them. If you do not have one, get a fire extinguisher and if you have one, make sure it is still working well.

Clean or replace your HVAC filters.

Have a professional do a seasonal inspection of your heating system.

Get a chimney sweep to take a look at your fireplace to remove any soot or creosote inside.

Check out the gutters outside to rid them of any leaves or debris. This will ensure that they work properly with any changes in the weather.

Look at the insulation/caulking at your windows and doors to make sure the gaps are sealed properly. This will keep the air warm where it needs to be and keep the cold outside.

Look at your shingles or have a pro do it. This is the perfect time to make certain that the flashing, vents and actual shingles are in good repair.

These are just a few important tasks that you can perform to ensure that you home is well taken care of this fall!