If you have a small bathroom or powder room and would love it to “seem” larger, there are some tips that you can use to have the effect of a larger room.

1. Use a large mirror to make the space “appear” larger.

2. Keep the floors free of clutter and use a free-standing pedestal or wall hung sink to give more floor space. You can also hang the sink and toilet on the wall for the same effect.

3. Install your floor tiles on the diagonal to extend the eye by lengthening the look of the bathroom.

4. Focus the decor on one wall in the room, to help open up the space.

5. If you have a shower glass, use one with no frame-it will make the shower “look” bigger.

6. For your storage consider shelves or containers to increase the storage in the room and not forego the style you want.

7. Windows and skylights help to open up a small space.

8.Use wall mounted accessories like soap dishes, towel rings and bars and shelves.