As you read about the many environmentally friendly products for the home, that are available on the market today, it may get confusing and complicated. If you are considering re-painting your home, you may have seen the term low or zero VOC paint. What exactly is that and why would it be important to consider for your home?

Organic Compounds are found everywhere in nature and indoor environments since they are found in so many materials and products. These compounds are released or volatilized into the air and if done indoors, may adversely the health of people living inside, causing a variety or upper respiratory and other ailments.

That is why you have been hearing about paints being marketed as low or no VOC in their makeup. That simply means that these products contain lower or no volatile organic compounds and thus may enable you to improve the indoor environment of your home when using them. The same goes for paint!

If this is an important feature for you to consider, check out the name brand paints that are available on the market today and ask a lot of questions.

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