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If you are getting ready for the cooler days of fall and winter and wanted to get a few energy savings and safety suggestions, consider the following:   1. Replace/Install weatherstripping around windows and doors. 2. Fix any gaps in your electrical outlets with chalk or foam gaskets, pictured above. 3. Have an annual safety check of your furnace to identify and eliminate any dangerous [...]

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If you are worried about the number of germs that are present on a bathroom toilet, a hands free flush may be your answer! Kohler has introduced this new technology that allows you to flush the toilet by simply waving your hand over a sensor at the top of the tank. They even have a way for you to adapt an existing toilet to this [...]

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Are you creative when decorating your dining room table or do you need some ideas to inspire you? Since we are approaching the time of the year when we all gather with family and friends and that holiday meal and table become the center of attention, consider some of the ideas above as inspiration! When you use candles, items from nature and a little imagination, [...]

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Are you getting ready to decorate your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? Do your always do the same wreaths on the front door and would like to make a change to another style of look? Have you considered using beautiful items from nature to create a spectacular look at the entrance to your home? Take a look at the ideas above to [...]

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Wow-finally the Texas weather looks like fall! That means that the days will be shorter, weather cooler and now is the time to take stock of several ways to save money on the energy usage at home. Below are a few easy ways to prepare your home for the cooler autumn days, and then winter months. Take a look! 1. Open your curtains that are [...]

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Here are a few more ideas for a healthier home environment-look inside to see how these will work! In the kitchen, toss out cracked and old cutting boards. Germs hide in these. Choose new ones that can be washed with warm soap and water after each use. Change your fridge water filters regularly before the sediment builds up inside. Get rid of the plastic storage [...]

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We are always working to create a clean and healthy home environment for our families and pets. Have you every wondered if the things that you are doing really help with that? Here are a few ways that you can clean up your home and more positively effect the health and environment in your household. 1. At each door way, add 2 mats, one on [...]

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For many of us, fall is the time to pull out all the stops to decorate our homes. Starting with the front porch, and door, pumpkins are everywhere. Using the beauty of nature, we can add color of all kinds with baskets of gourds, pumpkins, mums and pots of greenery.  Stack them, cluster them and pile them up. More is better! Add a bale of [...]

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It is hard to believe, but we are not too far from that holiday time of the year! Many of us look forward to entertaining family and friends at home, so you might wonder if there is still time in the next couple of months to make some changes to your home to be more presentable when those guests arrive. There is plenty of time [...]

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Especially in Texas, we are ready for fall and some cooler weather. Just because the kids are back in school, football has returned and the days will be getting shorter, does not mean the household chores have disappeared though! Our fall weather does not usually start until well after October and sometimes lasts through the Christmas holidays. It is time, however, to make sure your [...]

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