We are always working to create a clean and healthy home environment for our families and pets. Have you every wondered if the things that you are doing really help with that? Here are a few ways that you can clean up your home and more positively effect the health and environment in your household.

1. At each door way, add 2 mats, one on the inside and the other on the outside to trap the dirt, allergens, lawn chemicals and bacteria that get tracked into the home.

2. When you come home from the dry cleaners, take those plastic bags off to air out the solvents from the clothing. Better yet, find a cleaners that uses “organic dry cleaning” methods.

3. Kick your shoes off as you enter your home. This, too, will keep out the unwanted bacteria, allergens and the like from your home.

4. Treat your dogs and cats with a monthly flea and tick medication. Some flea shampoos and collars contain pesticides that rub off on your clothing, rugs and upholstery.

5. Caulk holes and crevices in the home so that critters like disease carrying mice and insects cannot get inside.

6. Schedule a check on your HVAC to make sure that it is properly venting carbon monoxide.

7. When maintaining your yard, switch to organic pesticides and herbicides.

8. Dispose of old containers of paint, stain, and solvents.  Check with your city to see where they can be dropped off safely. They cannot go in typical trash receptacles.

These are just  a few ideas for a healthier home. Check out next week for a few more ideas for inside the home.