If you are considering adding new lighting to your home this year, here are some trends that are being looked at for 2016.

1. The use of chandeliers everywhere, not just in the formal dining room! Consider placing one in the master bathroom, kitchen and even bedrooms. Take a look at the different styles with eye catching crystals galore!

2.Pendant lights are still popular for 2016. They are available in many styles, sizes, and colors. Consider pendants over island in the kitchen, bartops, and vanities.

3.Lights inside cabinets and drawers help to illuminate the contents when they are opened up. Take a look at this for your home this year!

4. Adding a watertight light fixture one the shower continues to be a popular touch!

5. If you can include lighting as part of your home security system, you are adding another popular trend for this year. They can be wireless and used inside and outside the home!

6. The new color for light fixtures is trending toward the copper tones. Consider copper for sconces, pendants and even lamps inside your home.

7. LED lights are everywhere! The abbreviation, LED, is short for “light emitting diode.” These lights are longer lasting, more efficient and use less energy than the old incandescent lights that we are used to. Make sure if you switch to LED’s, they have the Energystar label on them.


Checkout these great ideas for 2016 and get illuminated!