If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, how do you know what to choose? There are so many choices, prices and designs available. What are the features and benefits that you should consider when selecting those new windows?

Wood windows are better for reducing the transfer of heat that metal windows are. They are pretty to look at and are the “real Mccoy.” ¬†They also are more expensive, involve more homeowner maintenance and can twist and warp.

Vinyl windows are less pricey than wood windows and if well built and installed properly can provide energy efficiency and a good look for your home. They are sometimes prone to twisting and warping and some have issues with heat resistence in areas with high temperatures.

Metal windows are safe and secure the home from intrusion.  Many people like their clean modern look. They tend to be lessenergy efficient than other types of windows.

Wood-clad windows are a combination of low maintenance on the outside with wood inside. Pretty look for less money than a totalll wood window but sometimes may have an issue with water intrusion.

Composite windows are expensive and engineered to be the most energy efficient and most durable selection for the home. They can be repainted even though they are made from scrap wood and plastic resins.

Your choice in new windows depends on the look you are after architecturally on your home, your budget and how important energy efficiency is to you. Do your homework! Not all windows are created equal.