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Energy Tips for your Home

                                                            Take a look at these tips for saving energy this year at your home:   Reduce the temperature on your water heater thermostat. Water heaters are the second largest energy expense in your home. Repair [...]

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Bathrooms Today-2018

If you are wondering about the current trends for the bathroom in 2018, take a peek at these ideas: Set up a large piece of furniture in the master bathroom, like a chair or ottoman.  Use an oversized decorator rug on the floor nearby and the space is more than a bathroom! Don't forget about the free-standing tubs that you saw last year. Not likely [...]

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Summer 2018 Kitchen Ideas

If you are deciding to start fresh with color and finishes in the new seasons of the year, you may need some new ideas to get "unstuck" from the past. The following are ideas to bring life to your home this summer: Use bright colors for your kitchen remodel: soft colors of yellow and white will brighten up the kitchen, making it a cheery place [...]

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Bye, bye Plastic?

      I love any product for the home that helps with minimizing trash and protects our precious resources. Knowing that about me, one of my clients forwarded the name of a company that does just that and I wanted to share. has created a great haircare line of products that you use in your shower and do not come in those plastic bottles. [...]

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Save Energy This Summer!

  It's that time of the year that the weather gets so hot and the air conditioning runs constantly. Do you get some of the highest utility bills in the summer? Curious about how to make some changes that might help with that? Consider these ideas:   Reverse your ceiling fan direction to a counterclockwise direction in the spring and summer. The wind chill effect [...]

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Add Visual Appeal Outdoors with Lighting

When you are planting trees, shrubs and flowers in your yard, you are working to create a peaceful and colorful outside space for you to relax in. During the daylight hours, you and your neighbors can visually look at the beauty of the landscaping but once the sun has gone down, this investment fades. If you consider including landscape lighting in the exterior atmosphere of [...]

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Pool Time!

School is out and June is here! Time to enjoy your yard and swimming pool!  You will notice that in 2017, we have moved from the basic white rectangular looking swimming pool. Today, almost anything goes and your imagination is your only limitation! Pools today are not just for swimming but part of the visual beauty of the yard.  A combination of a pool and [...]

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Cabinets Rule!

  Painting cabinets is so popular today! Whether you want a kitchen facelift and painting your old cabinets is your choice or if you are totally replacing all your cabinets and want a current look, let your imagination and your decorating style rule your color choices. White cabinets with Shaker style doors and white countertops brighten up the entire space. An accent cabinet painted in [...]

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Non Stop Flooring Trends-2018!

Each season of the year, the  clothing fashion industry introduces new colors, styles and designs to us for our wardrobes. It peaks our interest, helps us in our shopping and helps us decide what we like and what we do not want to try. The home fashion industry is no different! There are always new trends for the home in every room of the house [...]

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    You have surely heard the word, upcycling, in social media, from friends or on other media, but what exactly does it mean? According to the dictionary, it is: "the reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original" So, if you like using your weekends scouring over garage sales, [...]

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