With the start of fall, we always see a rise of a horrible flu season when we are all concerned about shaking hands, covering our mouths when we cough and not exposing others when we are ill. Have you ever considered how germy your own home might be? We always assume that toilets and kitchen trash cash are filled with germs and concentrate our efforts on sanitizing regularly there. But, did you know that there are other areas of the home that have a greater concentration of germs and bacteria than you would think.

Consider the kitchen sponge the you use in your sink! We use these every day for washing dishes and wiping down the hard surfaces in the kitchen. Since these culprits are usually warm, wet and come in close contact with food and dirt, they become breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria.  If you microwave your sponge for 2 minutes on high a couple of times a week, you can better control these germs.

Keep your cutting boards clean! If you use something other than wood, you can throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize. Wood boards are not desirable since wood holds the juices and germs from meats, veggies and the like.  If you are into buying a new cutting board or boards, consider those that are color coded for meat, fruits and vegetables, etc. These serve to remind you of which board to use for what purpose and can be placed in the dishwasher when you are finished.

Disinfect your kitchen sink and the faucet at least once a week. Both tend to be the center of attention with all sorts of food preparation and clean up, which makes them prime for all sorts of bacteria and germs.

Bacteria from the toilet has a way of migrating to our toothbrushes when they are sitting on the bathroom countertop in one of those cute holders. Make sure to replace your toothbrushes often and consider placing them inside a Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizer, after every use.

Wash your bathroom towels every week in hot water to disinfect them properly. If the bacteria from the damp towels get transferred back to your body with repeated uses, you could be prone to infections on the skin.

Stay clean and healthy with these few tips!