If you are ready to decorate your home and need some ideas on ways to both make a statement and keep your budget in mind, consider staying with one theme for your home decorating.  You can select 2-3 colors to keep your look consistent, so consider silver, blue and white or red, gold and brown. If you have children, let them help with the decorating by purchasing ready-made wreaths and allowing them to use their creativity with pine cones, beaded garland and snowflakes. Remember that all of the senses are important, by using scented candles, potpourri and bake something wonderful, like gingerbread cookies. Stick with white lights since they can be used with any color decorating plan. You might invest in a holiday collection, like ornaments for the tree each year. These can be passed along to other generations. Think about adding holiday decorations to every room, so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the season throughout the entire home! If you enjoy holiday music, treat your senses to the joy of songs of the season.

Happy Holidays!