I just read a great article about the ways that homeowners are deciding to upgrade their existing homes. The data that is cited comes from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Their information shows that people are deciding not to go with “traditional” changes to their homes, but with what they call “transitional” options that focus on more “long term desirability “. Many of these changes are due to the fact that owners realize that they will “stay put” for a longer time in their homes and they want upgrades that will improve its eventual resale ability but will also create a better quality of life while they continue to live there.
Some of the ideas mentioned for bathrooms are:

1. Natural elements in the bath with light and airy colors.

2. Tiles are large and clean with no fussy borders.

3. Polished chrome is coming back!

4. New surfaces that are resistant to dirt and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew are being introduced.

5. Medicine cabinets are coming back!

6. Wall mount faucets are being used to conserve space and make cleaning a snap.

7. Music systems for the shower.

8. Bluetooth enabled controls.

9. Fingertip control of water spray, light, color, music, etc.

The bathroom is no longer just a place for washing and dressing, but is involving into a real “experience.”

Your thoughts?