If you have a swimming pool and you need to get ready for the upcoming swimming season, consider these tips to maintain your pool and to make sure it stays in good condition in the upcoming months.

1. Clean out your skimmer baskets and skim out floating debris from the surface of your pool.

2. Vacuum the bottom of the pool and brush the walls and tile throughly.

3. Have your pool filter and heater professionally serviced.

4. Check the pH level of your pool to make sure it is clean and healthy. Use one of the available testing kits to check the ranges.

5. Shock your pool back to normal chlorine levels by adding a large amount of granulated chlorine to the pool.

6. Find and repair any leaks that you may have.

6. Check and maintain the proper water level in your pool. Make sure the water level does not fall below the level of the skimmer, so you do not damage the pump.

Happy swimming!