I work with a terrific Heating and Air Conditioning Company and they have assembled some really great tips for saving energy, now that we are in the hot months of July in Texas.

1. Consider spending some money on some insulated drapes for the windows; this will help withenergy savings in both summer and winter months.

2. Three to five per cent more energy is used for each degree that your air conditioner is set below 75 degrees. If you set it at 77 degrees F., it will provide the most comfort at the least cost.

3. Use those ceiling fans since they use less electricity that air conditioning!

4. If you h ave a sliding glass door on your home, keep the track of the door clean. A dirty track can ruin the door seal and allow places for the air to escape.

5. If you do not have one, install a programmable thermostat and if you do have one, use it!
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