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When making decorating changes to your home, it can often be confusing and frustrating. You are not sure exactly what will look right and how to pull off some of the great ideas that you see online, in magazines and in the retail stores. If you are like most of us, you cannot afford to buy the help of a professional decorator, but you would [...]

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If you have an hour or so to devote to de-cluttering, it will make you feel so great! If you can concentrate on the closets, pantry and fridge, bathroom, cleaning cabinet and kitchen, you can make a really great dent in clearing out your clutter. Go to each clothes closet and take a large plastic bag with you. If you have not worn something in [...]

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re you ready to start spring with a less cluttered life? Getting rid of clutter does not have to be a tiresome, endless project. Start small, with just 8 simple ideas and just 1 hour: Grab a trash bag and toss out ten items from your home! These are things that you do not want, need or use anymore! Find a cluttered surface in your [...]

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