If you considering installing new tile in your kitchen, there is so much to choose from!  If you look at the different tiles in big box stores, decorating sites and magazines, you will see tiles in ceramic, glass, porcelain, terra-cotta and stone. How do you begin to know what will look the best, be durable and be available in the colors that you like? Here are a few ideas for you to consider when you are selecting your kitchen tiles.

If you are interested in finding just about any color, shape, or texture, ceramic tile is your answer. You will see subway tiles today in every color imaginable, for back-splashes to add a splash of color. Ceramic tiles are very durable due to their glazed finish and nearly maintenance free, so consider these for your backsplash.

Glass tiles are also very durable and non-porous so they can be wiped off and kept clean very easily. These tiles are very popular today due to the choices in color, shapes and sizes. Glass tile mixed with stone is an exciting way to add color and design to your kitchen.

Porcelain tiles are available today in so many finishes and designs! You can find porcelain tiles with the look of wood, stone, concrete or even a woven look.  Porcelain for your floor, will provide a look with high design as well as no maintenance and great for high traffic areas. Choose Italian manufacturers for the best porcelain tiles!

For a warm and rustic feeling in your kitchen, take a look at terra-cotta tiles! Color availability is typically tan or orange, but others are also available. Make sure your choice is fired at a high temperature, since that will create a more durable and better quality tile.

Stone tiles are available in almost even size and color.  This type of tile will add texture and design interest to any kitchen and the colors most popular for today are greys, whites, beige and cream.  Use them both for the backsplash and for the floor!

Have fun making the tile selection for your kitchen!