If you are concerned about the environment and want to make a contribution to preserving the planet, take a look at these easy and cheap ideas. Not only can you help with the reduction of carbon emissions, helping our world, but you can also save some money. What is not to love here?

If you realize that 46% of the energy used in the home is energy loss, all you need to do is make small changes to your habits to make a reversal of this statistic.

During the winter months, if you turn your heater down just 1 degree, you save 3% of the heating costs. Conversely, in the summer when you turn your air conditioning up 1 degree, you save 3-4% of cooling costs.  If you change the heating by 1 degree in the winter and change the air 1 degree in the summer, you save 2,000 pounds of CO2 every year.

If you cook in your kitchen with a crockpot  or toaster oven, which do not use nearly the amount of CO2, you can reduce the amount of electricity use in the kitchen, and  keep your kitchen cooler.

Wrap your water heater with a blanket to insulate it and reduce the amount of heat loss, savings 1,000 pounds of CO2 each year. Turn lights off when you are not using them inside, and install motion sensing devices on exterior lights. Change your light bulbs to CFL’s, compact fluorescent lights,  and use 60% less energy for each bulb. Savings on CO2, 300 pounds per year.

Wash clothes and dishes in full loads only. Use cold water rather than warm or hot water to wash your clothes and hang you wash outside rather than using the dryer. Savings, 700 pounds per year.

In your car, if you keep your tires inflated  properly, you can improve gas mileage by 3% and fill you tank less often!

Anyone who says that one person does not make a difference, does not realize how small changes can really add up. You can make a difference by changing a few simple habits.