Just like the clothing industry, when a new year or season starts, there are changes and new trends that everyone is talking about. Listed below are several of the “must-haves” for our current year.

1. Take a look at an environmentally friendly way to charge your phone-the U-socket. It looks like a regular wall plug, but has 2 built in USB pots for charing your devices. When fully charged, it shuts off automatically due to a sensor feature.

2. The master bathroom is touting a curbless shower for an open feeling more like a spa.

3. Also, part of the master shower, consider a free-standing tub, which takes up less space and also adds an elegant feeling to the bathroom.

4. Colors are brighter this year with cobalt blue, in particular, a hot color in appliances.

5. Homes have rooms now to accommodate multi-generational living since baby boomers are often caring for aging parents.

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