What is repurposing? It is basically a form of recycling in which the consumer finds new ways of using old things in the home rather than discarding them. If you read Facebook or look at Pinterest, you have seen great ideas for repurposing! Not only does repurposing, help preserve the environment by not throwing old things into the landfills, it will allow you to creatively finding ways to re-use old items in new ways.

Here are a few ideas for you to use so that you, too, can repurpose:

1. Hand me downs for clothing is a form of repurposing. We used to do this as kids, but you can do it now! You can cut off the legs of jeans and pants to create short pants when the items have started to show wear. The pieces of the legs can be made into hot pads or you might use the material for creating denim picture frames.

2. If you have an old used table, you can shorten it but cutting the legs and repaint it, maybe to create a child’s table of a coffee table.

3. Use an old suitcase as a shelf for a wall to display photos or knick-knacks. Cut part of it off and mount it to a board to adhere to the wall. Use the top surface as a shelf.

For more very cool ideas, take a look at: http://www.boredpanda.com