Trends for the home are much like trends in the fashion industry, always changing. These changes in home design are often based on the changes in  the lifestyle needs of families and the new ways that we live in our homes!

For example:

1. Being able to use a flex space or “idea spaces” in ways that reflect the personal needs of the family. A space could be used as a nursery, an office, a craft room, media, etc. This space would be created and used by each family in a different way, based on their personalities.

2. Super kitchens are a new trend featuring enormous islands and pantries. Since most of us spend more money on the kitchen than in any other room of the house, it is important to concentrate design dollars here.

3. Pets have always been an important part of the family, but now consider having a built in pet shower in the utility room or a cabinet drawer that pulls out for dog bowls!

4. Master bathrooms are not just a place to shower and brush your teeth any more. These rooms offer a true experience to the owners by  creating a spa-like experience with a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Media area of the home are still of major importance and feature spaces for giant TV’s and sufficient room between the viewer and the screen.

6. Creating a space in the outdoors to function as another living area is an important trend today.

7. Oversized garages for storing more than a car. Since we often do bulk shopping, extra storage space is needed.


Keep these ideas in mind if you are looking to buy a new home or are considering remodeling your existing home!