Sherwin Williams paint always provides direction on the most trendy, current and classic paint colors for the new year. Take a look at 2016:

1. Nature provides us with a basis for one group of classic colors for 2016. Alabaster and marble hues that are sheer and honed.  Consider colors such as Ramie. Ancient marble, Alabaster, Unfussy Beige, Urbane Bronze and Useful Gray.

2. The out of doors inspires this trend of colors which are both modern and vintage. Look at Different Gold, Kind Green, Memorable Rose, and Friendly Yellow.

3. The past can inspire us and does so with the colors based on the new American manufacturing. Consider Backsdrop, Urban Putty, Roycroft Pewter, Crabby Apple and Aleutian.

4. Look to the future since it is always arriving. Futuristic colors include Quixotic Plum, Aqua-Sphere and Blackberry.

Check out to view their. Colormix 2016 presentation, Beautiful!