re you ready to start spring with a less cluttered life? Getting rid of clutter does not have to be a tiresome, endless project. Start small, with just 8 simple ideas and just 1 hour:

  1. Grab a trash bag and toss out ten items from your home! These are things that you do not want, need or use anymore!
  2. Find a cluttered surface in your home and just clear that one away!
  3. Throw away old newspapers, magazines and catalogs.
  4. Go to your office and select 5 file folders to weed out, and do it!
  5. Choose 1 junk drawer and pick through it and throw away anything that you cannot identify and toss it.
  6. Go through the fridge or medicine cabinet and look for the items with expired dates. Throw these away!
  7. Get rid of any junk mail that has been piling up!
  8. Walk through your home with a large shopping bag and pick up at least 8 things that are out of place. Then put them away!

Take an hour or so and do these 8 things to help you to start the reduction of clutter in your life. Then, repeat this once a month, and you will be happy with the results!

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