I just read a great article about the ways that homeowners are deciding to upgrade their existing homes. The data that is cited comes from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Their information shows that people are deciding not to go with “traditional” changes to their homes, but with what they call “transitional” options that focus on more “long term desirability”. Many of these changes are due to the fact that owners realize that they will “stay put” for a longer time in their homes and they want upgrades that will improve its eventual resale ability but will also create a better quality of life while they continue to live there.

Just a few of the examples that were mentioned for the kitchen are:

1. a spice drawer organizer

2. a drawer organizer next to the cooktop to accommodate all of those large cooing utensils.

3. top hinged wall cabinets so that they can be locked open while in use, so that contents can be easily removed.

4.extra wide or deeper cabinet drawers underneath the cooktop.

5. deep pots and pans drawers with pegs-an organizer.

6. A pull out faucet.

7. extra wide pull out trays for retrieving pots and pans.

8. a lazy Susan or swing out base cabinet for blind corners in kitchens.

9. a utensil hanging system on the backsplash of a pull-down knife rack under the cabinet by the cooktop.

10. A spot for feeding pets.

11. An area for laptop and mobile device recharging.

12. Built in coffee pot connected directly to the plumbing.

13. Commercial or free-standing appliances.

14. A TV screen built into the kitchen wall or appliance.

15. Ability to have more than one cook in the kitchen at a time.
Do you see any ideas that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen?