In Texas, we don’t complete a full fledged winterizing process in the fall like our northern countertparts, and our tasks are a bit more mundane as well. But, since the holidays are also upon us, why not take a weekend in November to get ready for whatever wintery weather we may have both inside and outside of the home.

  1. Disconnect all hoses on the exterior of the home. I like to place a styrofoam cap over each of my hose bibs, just in case.
  2. Clean  debris out your gutters.
  3. Inspect your garage door for proper operation or better yet, ask a pro to do it!
  4. If you have a water feature outside, shut it down and cover with a tarp in case if a freezw.
  5. Run your lawn mower out of gas before storing it away.
  6. Trim back any dead branches in your yard that may not hold up if icy weather approaches.
  7. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a pro.
  8. Carpet cleaning is perfect before the holidays and will get the house ready for guests.
  9. Service the HVAC and change out the filter.
  10. Add caulking to deficiencies in windows and weather stripping to gaps in doors.

Happy Winter!