Getting a jump on the cooler days and evenings around the house will make sure your home is safe and comfortable as we change seasons.Think about doing these easy home projects at your home:


1. A programmable thermostat can help you regulate the heating and cooling costs in your home. If you do not have one, it is time to install one. If you have one that you do not use, take a few minutes with the manual and set it up. You can change the heating and cooling during the hours you sleep, work and any time that you are away from home. It adjusts it automatically based on the program that you install.

2. Have a chimney expert take a look at the interior of your fireplace and chimney to clean out the creosote, which could be flammable.  Inspect the damper for proper operation  and check out the masonry for cracks.

3. This is a great time to thoroughly clean those carpets! Hire a pro to do a really good job, so  you can be ready for the upcoming holidays. Since it is not too hot outside, you can crack the windows to aid in the drying of the carpeting.

4. Hire a pro to inspect your furnace to make sure it is in proper working order for those cold days ahead. It is also a great time to change out the dirty filters as well!