When you do a kitchen remodeling project in your home, countertops will account for 10-15% of the total cost of the project. Countertops are a huge component in any kitchen since they make a statement in both color and design. Take your time in making the countertop selection form both a color and material standpoint. Here are a few ideas to help you:

1. Consider how you use your kitchen countertops.If you are a cook or baker, you might want to select marble, granite of even butcher block.

2. You can combine materials today so if you want a pricier more exotic piece of marble or granite on an island, with the rest of the countertops to complement, do it! You can opt to use a quartz product or less expensive surface on the majority of your tops and make the statement with the island piece. Sometimes, you can even find a remnant for a statement piece, so go for it!

3. When choosing a backsplash, remember that less is more! A detailed tile or pattern on the backsplash looks better with a simple, clean countertop and visa versa. You do not want these two important surfaces competing with each other.

Keep in mind that most restaurants have multiple surfaces in them and it depends on which foods are prepared and served from each. ┬áThis look is definitely a trend in today’s homes in both new homes and when folks remodel!