It’s that time of year when we start to getting ready to let in the fresh air and getting the  winter cobwebs out of our homes. Is Spring Cleaning a chore to you or is it a time that you enjoy sorting out things you don’t need any more and making a fresh start for the spring and summer?

If you are like me, you try to do too much at one time and get overwhelmed by the task of spring cleaning. It is best to start one room at a time, and declutter as you go. Take three boxes with you as you declutter: one for keeping, one for trashing and the other to donate. Then dust thoroughly all fan blades, shelves, vaccum draperies and curtains. Don’t forget to sanitze the doorknobs and cabinet knobs. Take the glass off of your light fixtures and run them in the dishwasher; then just dry off and put them back up-remember to dust off the light bulbs!

As you move from room to room, open closets and drawers and reorganize what’s inside, using the 3 box plan as you go. If you have floormats or washable rugs or mats, launder them or shake them out. Grab the vacuum attachments and go after the dust on the air vents and returns. Vaccum all upholstery and wipe down doors for fingerprints and grim. Thoroughly dust all of  your solid furniture.

Kitchens get special attention due to how much we use them. Use the process above for cabinets and pantry organizing, wipe out all shelves as you go. Wipe out microwave and run your oven for a toal deep clean. The fridge is a mess so empty, toss, wipe shelves, walls and drawers. Change out your lightbulb if needed and replace the box of soda that you put in there months ago.Remove all grates from coo top and wash completely. I often scrub them and then run them in the dishwasher for extra sanitizing.  Wipe kitchen sink, cabinet fronts and all countertops and backsplash. Clean out your other appliances like coffee pot, run a cleaner through it. Run your dishwasher with some vinegar inside, no dishes please, to clean it out.  Toaster crumbs, bye, bye!

Bathrooms are always fun! Using the decluttering steps above, move through bathrooms, cleaning all surfaces, doors, knobs, sinks and shower/tub. Wipe off all cabinet fronts and the shelves inside. Wipe the smudges off the mirrors and glass at shower.  Throughough clean the toilet. If you have mats or shower curtains, it’s time to launder them, too.

If you have multiple bedrooms, now is the time to remove the heavy quilts, blankets and comforters, washing the linens as you go. Remake the beds using fresh linen and light weight summer weight blankets.

As you move through your home room by room, organizing, decluttering and cleaning, you will start to feel so good about your progress. Don’t attempt to do to much all at once. Select a space in your home and attack it! Happy Spring Cleaning!