If you enjoy walking through new builder model homes, you will notice either claw-foot or freestanding bathtubs in the owner’s retreats. These tubs are some of the most popular decorator items in today’s market, and in home remodeling as well.

Many people like the elegance and simplicity of the classic claw foot tub; the appearance has changed little over the years but the material that they are made of can be acrylic or like the tubs of times past, cast iron coated with porcelain.

These tubs are durable, easy to install and attractive. If you love to unwind in a hot tub at the end of a long day, you will find these tubs to be extremely comfortable since they are typically deeper and allow you to recline and relax with ease. Depending on the material that the tub is made of, some can hold the hot water longer, so you can relax in the hot water longer.
Take a look at these tubs!