If you are going to be entertaining this holiday season, it is not too late to make a few changes to get your home into shape.

1. Clean your baseboards, doors and trim,  and wipe off fingerprints from the walls.

2. Consider using seasonal flowers to your entry to spruce up the first impression.

3. Get a steam cleaner and clean your carpets! You will be amazed at how much nicer they look and how fresh smelling the rooms are again.

4. Change the bedding in your guest room and add fresh towels to the bath.

5.  Thoroughly dust your ceiling fans and light fixtures. You can take the globes down and run them in the dishwasher to really make them sparkle.

6. Make your fireplace the focal point of the room by adding greenery, candles and other decor of the season.

Take a look at these easy and quick fixes to make a difference in your home for holiday entertaining and guests.