Most Realtors will tell us how important the “drive up” appeal is for a person who is looking at a home to buy. Why do we only improve the street look of our homes when we are trying to sell them? Why not do it now? It does not take much money or effort to improve the street appeal of your home. Take a look! If you include pots of flowers to your front step or entry, you will add some color to this part of the home. Increase the impact by planting some annuals that frame the walk way and plant bunches of flowers in patterns all around the yard. Add a pretty wreath to the front door. If you have a porch, add a chair, bench or table. Make sure that your mailbox, house numbers and kick plate shine; these are so easy to replace and you will be surprised at the difference this will make in the look of your home. Trim the bushes and hedges; especially focus on the ones that cover the windows. This will look better from the street and gain you more light inside as well. Powerwash the outside of your home and get all of the dirt and grime off your siding, brick and gutters. Paint your front door a welcoming color. Adding lighting to the exterior of a home will really help to showcase the look of your home at night. There are so many styles of exterior lighting; take a look at the solar lights if you are into  saving some energy and money!